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You will learn:

  • How to become productive

    I understand your continuous struggle of trying NOT to procrastinate and your constant multitasking. Thankfully, you will learn how to get things done efficiently and on time without losing your sanity.

  • How to become a morning person

    You'll finally learn how to wake up refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle your daily duties with a clear goal in mind.

  • How to turn your time into money

    Literally. Time is money, and you must know how to use it efficiently for your financial freedom. You'll learn how to do so.

"Is this fast-paced life my real life?"

Imagine waking up each morning, ready to face the harsh world ahead of you with a fresh and clear mentality.

Getting things done like a boss with a clear agenda, zero procrastination, and with a different mindset

That is what happened to me.


You've spent years wasting time, energy, and money. It is the time for you to fall in love with your day as soon as you wake up and get things done the right way, with a simple and powerful system.

Have you ever felt on the edge? Going crazy with so many things to do and not enough time to get through them all?

I've been there. And let me tell you... Once I realized that I was doing THESE things wrong, MY LIFE CHANGED. Are you curious to know what they are?

#1. Multitasking. It is what I call "the root of all evil" because you get stuck between tasks and end up doing nothing at all. Or worse, having to start all over.

You can follow what I call "Priority Formula" which is Important Task= Time + Energy - Irrelevancy.

Does this actually work to get things done? Yes! By focusing on your tasks in order of relevancy, you can forget about multitasking and excel at each individual task. Want proof?


Lisa Cruz

A Life-Changer

Lisa Cruz

"The priority formula is something I apply on everything now. I always ask myself, 'is this relevant? Is this worth my energy? Is this a waste of time?' Before making plans. It is also what helps me create and follow my to-do list. Some projects take longer than others, you know."
Michael Farley

I Needed This

Michael Farley

"I didn't know how I was going to get my Apple certification until I found this course. You don't think you need a coach until you get one. I was able to put myself first and make time for my certification prep."

#2. Not knowing how to say "NO." This is something that everybody has to learn how to do, yet nobody does it.

When you learn how to say "NO" to plans that will waste your time, money, energy, and your sanity, you become more productive because you FOCUS on what you truly need to invest your resources on.


Craig King

I Increased My Income Because of Elenny!

Craig King

"Not only did Elenny teach me that I was wasting time doing irrelevant things, but she also taught me how to use my time efficiently on what matters most to me. Now I finally launched my writing course and my income is about to hit 7 figures!"
Heather Hill

I Manage My Tasks Like a Pro

Heather Hill

"I already had my businesses when I found Elenny, but I wanted to be able to film, edit, and post my videos while managing my website and my projects. I thought it was impossible, but this course helped me prioritize my tasks, (and became a morning person). What a shocker!"

Here's what happened when I boosted my productivity...

Here's what happened when I boosted my productivity...

Here's what happened when I boosted my productivity

  • I increased my income

    by efficiently managing more projects

  • I became a morning person

    without feeling trashy in the morning.

  • I learned how to plan and prioritize

    without procrastinating, multitasking, or deciding which task to do first.

  • I learned how to say NO

    without sounding like a jerk. It might be hard to say "no" to loved ones, but it doesn't have to be.

  • I learned how to turn time into MONEY

    by reinvesting it in myself by self-teaching myself how to get the life that I wanted to live. Something I thought I didn't have time to do.

  • I decreased my stress and anxiety levels

    by boosting my brain power, using my morning pages, and following my priority agenda.


#GID Boss

A 60-day program

to help you become the most productive person you know and make your time be worth money—without losing your mind, procrastinating, or stressing.

✓ Learn how to plan

✓ Position yourself as the boss of your life

✓ Wake up refreshed, motivated, energized, and organized

 Get things done quickly and efficiently

What's inside?

#1. The Course

Step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, agenda, and morning pages.

I am detailed, clear, and will guide you through everything every step of the way. You will be provided a success package that, if followed, you will be productive from the moment you get out of bed.

#2. The Community


We are better together.

We grow faster together.

This is your chance to become a founding member of our Elite Private Group, where you will network with others and always receive the best advice from your peers and my team.

Consider it a team where EVERYBODY actually works!

#3. The Coaching

Group coaching calls with exclusive training

There is no such thing as "being stuck" when it comes to this course. We will hold bi-weekly coaching group calls where we will discuss your progress, your goals, and plan ahead.

You will love our community of productivity experts and the support you'll continuously receive.

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1: Introduction

Meet the 4 types of people who should take this course

The GID method

How to use the success package

Module 2: Perfect, Attractive Morning

The FFMDY formula to wake up early, fresh, and ready

The physical and mental benefits of waking up early

The perfect morning ritual just for you

Module 3: Block Your Life

How to say "NO" to distractions without sounding like a jerk

How to "block" your days

Why being busy IS NOT being productive

Module 4: Brain Power Booster

Automatic vs controlled thinking

How to meditate

10 Favorite brain boosters

Module 5: Turning Time Into Money

How to create and launch your own business

How to plan and execute for your career/job change

How to become skilled

Module 6: Be Smart About Your Off Time

How to use your time off efficiently

How to ghost people. Yes! But in a good way

Make your commute time work for you

Module 7: Task Smart

How to determine your 2 peak hours

The Pomodoro Technique in your life

How to track your time

Module 8: Change Your Lifestyle, NOT Your Goals

How to deal with distractions

How to readjust to your surroundings

Accepting failures as successes


Meet your instructor

  • Elenny Frometa

    Instructor, Productivity Coach

    Elenny Frometa

    From being a flustered everything-er to being a super organized and accomplished woman, my life has changed after I applied my GID formula. Now I help others do the same. It all started when I became a mother and had to find a way to handle motherhood, college, and life. I thought I was going to lose my mind until I finally decided to make the most of my time without losing my mind. I'm sure you will, too.


Save time by looking up the answers

  • What should I expect to gain from this course?

    You will learn how to increase your productivity by managing your tasks rather than managing your time. You'll also learn what REALLY deserves your time, energy and attention and how to organize your tasks in a matter that will help get them done. Too much? there's more.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of digital products, refunds cannot be granted.

  • What does pre-enroll mean?

    It means that you will reserve your seat in our online classroom for the few shorts days before class starts and the lessons are posted. That way we can all start and finish at the same time.